Our Coordinators and Leaders

Joe Normandin

Chair, Publicity Coordinator, & Design Team Coordinator

 Kyle Frantz

Chair Emerita & Finance Coordinator

Victoria Mariani

Co-Chair & Exploration Expo Leader

Christine Patrum

Co-Chair, Perimeter College Coordinator, and Insects Around Us Leader

Amy Reber

Co-Chair & GSU’s ASF Parade Team Leader

Rebecca Rizzo

Co-Chair & Prize Wheel Leader

Franz Cruz

Discovery Stations Science Education Workshop Leader

Jay Dunn

The Astronomy of Star Wars Leader

Brie Galbreath

Rock n’ Walk and Eco Expedition Leader

Lorna Gitari-Mugambi

Bio-Bus Leader

Chris Goode

Genius Camp Leader

Stephanie Gutzler

Discovery Stations Leader

Carmen Hall

Insects Around Us leader

Melody Kelley

Fusion Gallery Leader

Stephanie Kolpy

Fushion Gallery Leader

Suzanna Lomant

The Sound of Light Leader

Therese Poole

Eureka Labs Leader

Manuela Trani

Arts and [Chem]Crafts Leader

Christy Visaggi

Rock n’ Walk and Eco Expedition Leader

Russel White

Starry Night Leader

Sarah Clark

Volunteer Coordinator

Quinton Parker

Security and Facilities Coordinator

Maria Misiura

Social Media Leader

Rebecca Rakoczy

University Promotions Liaison

Phillip Connor

Design Team

Kaylin Yang

Design Team

Campus Contributors

Michael Crenshaw

Physics and Astronomy

Geert De Vries


Chris Henrich


Elliott Albers

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Michael White

Art and Design

Dan Deocampo


Guantao Chen

Mathematics and Statistics

Dabney Dixon

STEM Education Office

George Wang


Genevieve Edwards


Kyle Frantz

ION and NET/work

Paul Alberto

College of Education

Sara Rosen

College of Arts and Sciences

James Weyhenmeyer

Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Timothy Renick

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success

Peter Lyons

Vice Provost & Dean of Perimeter College

Yi Pan