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Discovery Day is a Science Open House that highlights science and math at Georgia State University, with fun for all ages. Explore science and math on campus at the Petit Science Center with hands-on stations and a Career Blitz every hour. Hop on the Bio-Bus at Piedmont Avenue to check out a sampler of the science activities we take to K-12 schools and libraries. Share your excitement by posting pics from the Smilebooth. Learn about our other events through movie trailers and in-person event reps. Off campus, join a team of geoscientists at Stone Mountain or see a Starry Starry Night with astronomers at Hard Labor Creek!

Georgia State University will present three full evenings, of science-themed documentaries from filmmakers all over the world. Each program will focus on a different theme including: The Human Condition, Fantastic Fauna, and Sustainability. Between presentations GSU Science Faculty and special guests will offer insights into the films’ subject matter and its scientific relevance to our community.​​

Born of age-old concepts that energy exists beyond our normal perception, “dragon lines” are imagined pathways of electromagnetism and “life force” creating a web across the surface of the planet. Visiting artist, Duncan Laurie, leads Dragonline Studio, home to projects that create Sonoforms – electronic music compositions based on subtle voltages from electrodes on rocks and plants. Now we wonder, are these Sonoforms tapping into some intrinsic natural force produced by these objects? What have we learned about these phenomena through science? Does our scientific knowledge influence our experience of artistic Sonoforms, or does the art stand for itself? Join the Fusion Gallery at Whitespace for mysterious musical renderings and lively discussion about fusing natural and man-made aesthetics, as Dragonline travels to Atlanta. Hosted by Georgia State’s Craig Dongoski.

The Plastic Gyre Symposium strives to expose the environmental and public health issues related to plastic pollution, and to encourage collaborative solutions. This conference, conceived by Pam Longobardi, GSU Distinguished University Professor, Professor of Art and founder of the Drifters Project, brings together scientists, artists, activists and industry partners to raise awareness about this global crisis. This two-day symposium will feature panel sessions and film screenings. It will conclude with an international art exhibition and a press junket/call-to-action on reducing plastic pollution held at the David J. Sencer CDC Museum. The symposium is free and open to the public.


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Petit Science Center 100 Piedmont Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30303 Location of Discovery Day
Whitespace 814 Edgewood Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307 Location for Fusion Gallery
GSU Salon Ballrooms Student Center 44 Courtland St. SE Atlanta, GA 30303 Location for Gyre Symposium – Day One – Thursday
David J. Sencer CDC Museum 1600 Clifton Road NE Atlanta, GA 30329 Location for the Gyre Symposium – Day Two – Friday
Location for Eureka Screen Series
G Deck 52 Courtland Street Southeast Atlanta, GA 30303 Location for Parking during On-Campus Events

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