Georgia State University is a Silver Sponsor of the Atlanta Science Festival

Put on your goggles, don your gloves, and become a junior scientist as you learn about the building blocks of chemistry, fingerprints, DNA analysis, genetic traits, blood typing, the pathway of blood flow through the heart, and the important structures that help keep our hearts beating. Make some chemical reactions at the “Chemistry: Acids, Bases & Indicators” event! Find out “whodunit” and make some chemical reactions at the “Biotechnology/Forensics & Chemistry” event! Touch a real cow heart at the “Heart & Your Health” event! Create a DNA model at the “DNA is for Families” event! Get a taste of all that the BioBus offers at the “GSU Discovery Day” event!

Q: What clock cannot be used to tell time? A: The Iodine Clock. Join us to learn more about the punchline to this nerdy chemistry joke, and see other colorful chemical reactions reactions. After ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over our demos, conduct your own chemical reactions and watch the explosions of color!

Explore four floors of Discovery Stations: hands-on science activities from GSU departments and student groups. You’ll learn about the science of ice-cream (and make some yourself), how scuba diving gear works, and get you can get a picture of yourself as a mad scientist! You can also participate in a Scientist Scavenger Hunt for GSU scientist to learn about their work, and win a prize! Saturday, March 19th, 9:00AM-4:00PM, Petit Science Center, 100 Piedmont Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30303. FREE PARKING, G Deck, 121 Collins Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Engage your brain and hands in GSU labs. With the Lab Experience you can take part in short college-like lab classes including a forensic science lab and a genetics lab. In addition, our Anatomy & Physiology, General Biology, Animal Biology, and Nursing teaching labs will be open all day for you to explore. Saturday, March 19th, 9:00AM-4:00PM, Petit Science Center, 100 Piedmont Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30303. FREE PARKING, G Deck, 121 Collins Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Art and science collide in the Fusion Gallery at Georgia State University. Nature inspires scientists to ask questions, but the beauty and mystery of the universe can also be expressed in other ways. Join us for an exhibition of student artwork from GSU science courses. Student artists will be on-hand to share how nature inspires them to pursue a degree in science and GSU faculty will help you explore the science behind the work.

They clean, provide pest control, and help feed the planet. But even with all they do for us, people still don’t seem to love bugs! Join us to learn more about what bugs do to help us and what you can do to help them thrive. We’ll be finding bugs, identifying them, and even building our own take home bee houses.

Theremins – musical instruments you play without touching them – show up in Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and now on your own desk! Join us to learn how they work and then make one to take home.


Millions of years ago magma erupted near Atlanta. Now, we call it Stone Mountain. Join GSU Geosciences on a hike at Stone Mountain to explore this unique quartz dome. Saturday, March 19th, 10:00AM-2:00pm, Confederate Hall Historical & Environmental Education Center, Stone Mountain Park, 1000 Robert E. Lee Blvd., Stone Mountain, GA Free with admission to the park. Rain or Shine!


Come to a unique look at the sky above, learn about our solar system and beyond, and see astronomy research in action at GSU’s Hard Labor Creek Observatory.  GSU astronomers will guide you in a viewing of the planets and stars in our night sky. Very limited free parking is available, please consider carpooling, and drive carefully. Saturday, March 19th, 8:00PM. For directions, please visit: Observing if clear skies, tours and Q&A if cloudy!

One with the Force You Are? Join us for this all ages dress up Sci-Fi adventure where Professor Jay Dunn will lead a discussion on the comparative planetology of the worlds of Star Wars and the planets in our own solar system, as well as extra-solar planets. Participants will have the chance to enjoy video clips all inspired by Star Wars and other Sci-Fi favorites. Young Jedi and Padawan alike are encouraged to attend in their favorite Sci-Fi attire.

Join scientists in the hunt to find and identify bugs, birds, plants, and more around Stone Mountain! Experts from Georgia State University, local organizations, and National Geographic’s Georgia Geographic Alliance can help YOU to discover more about species in your own backyard including use of the app iNaturalist to record observations and contribute to the growing library of mapping species around the world. Come to the visitor center at Confederate Hall for K-12 activities related to this mini “BioBlitz” and join on these quests in nature!

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