Georgia State University is a Gold Sponsor of the Atlanta Science Festival

Put on your goggles, don your gloves, and become a junior scientist as you engage in activities to learn about animal diversity, the impact of extreme weather on the environment, the geology of “Star Wars,” genetic traits, blood typing, and DNA analysis.

What do artists and chemists have in common? A lot more than you think! Join us to explore the fine line between art and science and insert some chemistry into our crafting. Create your own art pieces, and learn more about the chemistry behind copper art work, photochemistry, and electrochemistry.

Explore four floors of hands-on science demonstrations from GSU departments and student groups.  Learn about the science of ice-cream (and make some yourself), the wonders of 3-D printing, help build a robot, and get a picture of yourself as a mad scientist! Identify various dinosaur footprints throughout the exhibits and exchange your scientific discoveries for a prize!

Join us for several exciting hands-on experiences and experiments in Biology!  Get right into the fun in our Lab Experiences where you will perform experiments in:  infectious diseases spread, crime scene analysis, and DNA forensics.  Visit our Open Labs to explore the structure of our body, view specimens of a diversity of animals, and investigate how to measure “vital signs” with a state-of-the-art interactive robotic “patient.”

Art and science collide in the Fusion Gallery at Georgia State University (GSU).  Nature inspires scientists to ask questions, but the mystery of the universe can also be expressed in other ways.  GSU chemistry students and drawing/painting/printmaking students were paired and challenged to create original works of art inspired by the word “reaction.”  Student artists & scientists will be on-hand to explore the artistic process and the science behind each work.  Come view their work in Fusion Gallery: Reaction.

Join the maker movement at make something at Georgia State University’s new ExLab. Scan your favorite toy and prepare it to become a part of virtual reality; print an object you design on a 3-D printer; learn to solder and bring home your own blinky robot!

Sometimes friends, sometimes foes, insects have held a tempestuous place in human history dating all the way back to the 7th century BC. They’ve been revered as symbols of rebirth, immortality and patience, but also reviled as poisonous, disease carrying pests. In this event, we’ll learn about some of the surprising ways insects intersect with our lives. We’ll even get to catch a critter or two, and also munch down on some buggy treats.

Theremins are musical instruments you play without touching them. They make strange, otherworldly sounds, and show up in old sci-fi movies, The Big Bang Theory, and now on your own desk! Join us to learn how they work and then make one to take home (available to the first 75 people).  As a special treat, we’ll be featuring Scott Burland of the Atlanta-based Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel. Playing the theremin since 2004, Burland uses computer based effects, widening the sonic palette of the instrument.

Millions of years ago, a massive magma chamber cooled below ground near Atlanta never erupting through to the surface. Now, we call it Stone Mountain. Join GSU Geosciences on a hike to explore this unique granite dome. You can start the hikes or swing by for a hands-on learning session at the visitor center in Confederate Hall where the geologists will explore the history of this notable natural landmark. You’ll also be able to ‘walk’ a Giant Traveling Map of Georgia, engage in activities with rock and mineral specimens, and explore other natural landscapes using Google Cardboard VR.

Come out for a telescopic tour of the evening sky, see objects in our solar system and beyond, and learn about the exciting astronomy research done at Georgia State.  GSU astronomers will give you access to their research telescopes along with smaller telescopes to show you the observable stars and planets in our night sky.

One with the Force are you? Join us for this all-ages dress up sci-fi adventure where Professor Jay Dunn leads a discussion on the worlds and aliens of the Star Wars films and compares them with the planets and life in our solar system as well as extra-solar planets. Along the way, we’ll enjoy video clips inspired by Star Wars and other sci-fi favorites. Young Jedi and Padawan alike are encouraged to attend in their favorite sci-fi attire.

Join in on the hunt to find and identify bugs, birds, plants, and more around Stone Mountain!  Experts from Georgia State University, local organizations, and National Geographic’s Georgia Geographic Alliance will help YOU explore the different species in your own backyard.  We’ll use the iNaturalist app to record observations and contribute to a worldwide map of biodiversity. Don’t forget to explore our collection of fossils to understand previous extinctions in the history of life!